Minions 1.5 is an unofficial Minions spin-off game made by Enderless. It is found in four versions: 1.00, 1.04, 1.07 and 2.00. The official club for the game is the Minions Sprite Artists club, where members can suggest new Minions to be added to the game and new maps. Tools to create new Minion sprites can also be found there.

New MinionsEdit

Minions 1.5 adds a total of 18 new minions as of version 2.00 next to the eight minions from vanilla Minions


Minions 1.5 currently has three playable maps. However, four additional maps are shown on the menu bar, which are not playable yet. Enderless also stated that the original Minions map would appear in a future version of Minions 1.5. The maps are:


The Labyrinth Map (sometimes shortened to labmap) is a map set in a maze, with unique walls and features like teleporters and an invincible tower developed especially for the map, as well as a boss minion, Defiler. This map was added on M1.5 v2.00 on the first beta release.

War MapEdit

The War Map is, as the name implies, a map of pure war without walls, but simply a desert battlefield with 2 base towers. Both sides have 20 minions, one of which (on the blue side) is controlled by the player. This map was added on M1.5 v2.00 on the first beta relase.

Suicide RunEdit

This is the oldest map of Minions 1.5. This map was the official map in the old versions v1.00 - v1.04 - v1.07. The map has 3 ways of reaching the enemy base - one perilous, narrow road through the middle which is blocked by towers, and two paths down the sides which are identical, as the wall placement is symmetric in the whole map. This map is a 7v7 battle.


Smiliar To AotM (Attack of the Minis). For now this map is not released to the public, At the moment the map is in a early stage. The goal is to defend yourself as long as you can with the minion you chose againest random minions.


AotM stands for Attack of the Minis. For now this map is not released to the public, but it is in the private beta tester's version. At the moment the map is still in a very early stage. The goal is to defend your base tower as long as you can with the minion you chose against infinite waves of minis. The map is the original Minions grass map except that there are no walls and you cannot win (as the game only ends when your base tower gets destroyed).


This map is a 5v5 battle, where your 4 teammates fight close to you, and your 5 enemies imitate your movements as if there is a mirror in between - e.g when the player goes to the upper left corner of the map, the opponent's team goes to the lower right corner of the map, etc. For now it's not released on public beta testing because of some problems, but it will be released for all users soon.


In the Contest map the style of the game won't be modified. The only difference will be that the map will be the map that won the "MSA First Map Competition". There is no information available (except to Enderless) to either the beta testers or the regular members regarding it's progress..

Known Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  1. If the player doesn't change minion (the default minion being Flamey), all bots will be Flamey.
  2. Sometimes the game in the preloader causes a lot of lag while loading because if the player does not play the mini game while loading, the minis cause a lot of lag which can stop the game loading altogether.
  3. There is no button to return to the menu. Enderless stated this was due to a glitch.
  4. Sometimes the respawn countdown goes into negative, especially when playing Orb in Labyrinth.
  5. Various problems with Mastermind's Sabotage ability have been reported.
  6. Sometimes on the Labyrinth map you cannot move and the map does not appear.
  7. Sometimes when the game loads after the minigame there will be a black screen (Expect Suicide Run)

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